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Building Allies Together (BAT) is an organization, based in Los Angeles, CA, founded as a response to the continuous sensationalizing of trans* identities, bodies, and experiences. We work to educate and empower cisgender or non-trans individuals to become active allies for the trans* and gender non-conforming communities. Our continued vision has been to serve and support the trans* and gender non-conforming communities through education, community outreach, and advocacy.

This vision has since grown to expand the breadth and depth of our workshops to helping individuals become aware of their own privilege and learning how to use it to create change. The more active allies marginalized communities have the greater chance we have of shifting the paradigm and creating a society that nurtures and supports the growth of those often silenced and oppressed.

We facilitate ally-training workshops in which participants work through experiential exercises to determine best ally practices in relation to their lived experience.  We work with individuals and organizations adapting each workshop to fit their specific needs and population.  Along with the workshops we offer consultations and lectures.

Our Mission

To be part of a more connected and inclusive social justice movement.

Becoming a Trans* Ally

Are you someone who wants to be an ally to the trans* and gender non-conforming communities but aren’t sure how or where to start? Is there a person in your life who identifies as trans* or gender non-conforming? This workshop is for you! This workshop will focus on participants lived experiences in relation to becoming active allies to the trans* and gender non-conforming communities. An experiential workshop that works with participants to educate and empower folks to be active allies to the trans* and gender-queer communities. This workshop also addresses privilege, intersectional identities and asks participants to use these ideas as a lens.

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CEU Workshop for Mental Health Service Providers

This workshop is open to anyone working within the mental health services field.

This 8-hour experiential workshop will invite participants to learn and implement new vocabulary, map and expand understanding of trans* and gender-nonconforming identities, engage ally-focused practices, and develop skills that can be used and referenced in therapeutic work. Becoming a Trans* Ally is designed to help participants develop ally behavior in the context of their own lived experiences through the use of multiple experiential exercises. Each exercise within the workshop is designed to engage participants in critical thinking regarding their own identity, in relation to trans* identified individuals and through the lens of deconstructing privilege.

Check back soon for the next available date!

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